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Mesmerizing and haunting Artworks by jkldesign on Etsy

via Gotta love it when I come across gorgeous pieces like this. I am drawn to artwork that is loose, mysterious and incomplete. There are reasons for this of course, but whatever they may be, here are some of my faves: I highly encourage …

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Gorgeous watercolor fashion illustrations are loose but detailed by N A T A L E A / natalia sanabria

via These are so so gorgeous by N A T A L E A on flickr AKA Natalia Sanabria. She has a loose style which I love but its so detailed and pefect that I can’t help but state at these. These are some one of my favorite pieces: and Check ou…

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The "best" artwork of John Singer Sargent

Inspired by my post for Week 22 which featured a painting of Olmsted by Sargent, I wanted to research more of his pieces besides the ones that are famous and covered in art and history class. And then I came up with his best. By best I mean the th…

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