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Instapix: you are loved, even on the 6 train!


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Sweet Valentine‚Äôs Day Cookies Cross Wordpuzzle AKA Interactive Cookies – Amy Atlas Blog

via Wow valentines day stuff that isn’t nausea inducing or corny as hell! I love an interactive cookie. Its creative but simple and spot on for this super corny day! It could also be a great wedding theme.

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Drobservation: A Valentine’s Day Card That Made Me Giggle (they even filed it under funny)

Val’s day can me sooo overwhelmingly corny that its nice to see it taken to a higher level. By that I mean made fun of. Just my style! And as a happy accident, in the corner you can see it was filed under “Funny.” Which is itself kind of funny cus…

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BoldLoft "Say I Love You" Couple Pillowcases Are Cute, Cartoony and Not THAT Corny!

via About time someone made these! Why do things have to be so darn cute? Here is more: OK, maybe a little corny BUT so simple and well executed that I added it to my Amazon wish list. YUP!

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