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CREEPYCOOL: Realistic Steve Jobs Action Figure is super detailed and iconic

via Via SwagFresh: This isn’t just any action figure though, this is quite possibly one of the most realistic action figures we have ever seen. At first glance, the figurine almost looks like a photograph of Steve Jobs, sporting hi…

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WANT: Russian Barbie Gorgeousness!

MILA EKATERINA VERUSHKA I gotta tell ya, Verushka LOOKs and is dressed the most Russian of them all! But the details of Mila’s skirt with the nesting dolls and the colors are divine and for that reason, I’d want to collect her the most. See all th…

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Sin Toys (a Fontomass project) are adorable, funky, quirky weird toys. I LIKE!

via I loves me a wacky ass project so this definitely fits the bill. Adorable, funky, quirky, weird, but with purpose! What more to ask for? See greater detail on them here.

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The Designer’s Balls – CMYK Style

via Hahaha, cute!

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