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Americans Elect 2012 | The first direct presidential nomination with a cool animation!

via After having completed my first Motion Design class last semester and learning how NOT easy it is to do animations, I am thoroughly impressed by this. First, the animation is pretty darn cool and effective. I love the way th…

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via So wrong but so so so so funny. After Dean’s SHOCKING announcement I couldn’t help but think of this guy and his HILARIOUS pronunciation. As a note, I do NOT think Diabetes is something to laugh at or take lightly. I am simply laug…

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CREEPYCOOL – From Enchantment to Down – the morbid Disney princess photos by Thomas Czarnecki

via From Enchantment to Down – a super creepy photo series of dead Disney starlets by Thomas Czarnecki. These are so so so creepy and well…ahem…executed that I just had to share. Here are 2 more faves: There is a whole series that I …

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The unbelievable illustration work of Katerina Eremeeva -Taunting, Haunting, Amazing

via How absolutely divine are these? My goodness! Juxstapoz put it best: Beautifully gory with intense subject matter, her work combines the unusual and realistic in a perfect marriage of surrealism. See the rest of her stuff on flickr:

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In London, Riding the Underground Turns Into a Game – Interaction of Indirect Data! AWESOME!

via From Good: Life is often about the journey, not the destination. But that’s not the story told by location-based games like FourSquare and Gowalla, which only pay attention to the places we end up, like restaurants, parks, and shops. T…

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ADS I LOVE: Duluth Ballroom Jeans – Room to crouch without singing soprano!

via Oh man, are these funny! Just saw a spot on TV yesterday. Though I cannot relate, these sure gave me the giggles. The whole campaign is pretty humorous and awesome. I will never look at the word “ballroom” the same again! Remember,…

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LISTENING TO: Ben Harper – Don’t Give Up On Me Now

Beautifully written and sung. Quite powerful and meaningful. Once in a while iTunes does actually feature good music! Ben Harper – Don’t Give Up On Me Now lyrics: time it opens all woundstrust gonna put me in the tombthe world isn’t minethe world …

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