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CREEPYCOOL: Realistic Steve Jobs Action Figure is super detailed and iconic

via Via SwagFresh: This isn’t just any action figure though, this is quite possibly one of the most realistic action figures we have ever seen. At first glance, the figurine almost looks like a photograph of Steve Jobs, sporting hi…

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TED Blog | Remembering Steve Jobs – "How to live before you die" Stanford Commencement Video

05 October 2011 Remembering Steve Jobs This evening, Apple announced that Steve Jobs, its legendary leader, has died. Watch his powerful talk “How to live before you die” — in which Jobs urges us to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in l…

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Mat Bisher – Steve Jobs Hates You

The iPhone and iPad don’t support Flash, and as much as it may irk users, it doesn’t come near to how much it annoys Flash developers or website owners. McCann creative Mat Bisher has built his site in Flash and thinks that Apple’s policy toward F…

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