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Beautiful Snow Day Illustrations by the unbelievably talented Pascal Campion

via Discovered this guy via Pinterest and DAMN I love EVERY SINGLE piece of artwork I have come across. I decided to feature the snow ones as today is a very snowy day in NYC and I couldn’t be more happy! Check out my fave stuff:…

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Drobservation: Marc-o, Paul-o!

Went to grab a coffee with a friend at Starbucks. They asked his name. He said Marc. Barista was convinced he said Paul. He corrected her but it was too late.Not sure how you can confuse the two but it made for a hilarious order. I should start a …

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i am shallow blog ยป chandelierious

via Found this adorable blog. An interesting trend with chandeliers I noticed as well. The best are the necklaces. But the shirts are adorable too. A complex, balanced and gorgeous design that really look good on almost anything. Ch…

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