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Happy New Year or С Новым Годом via Russian artist Tatyana Doronina

A typical (besides the sexy part) Russian new years image. Really perfectly captured with a little wink by unbelievably talented Russian artist Tatyana Doronina! Some of my other faves: There is like a dozen more and each is better than the last a…

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The unbelievable stunning and diverse work of Moscow artist Alexey Kurbatov

Just some of my faves: I HIGHLY suggest you get youtself a cup of tea, sit down and see all of his amazing body of work on Behance:

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Surprisingly good music from t.A.T.u – Ne Ver Ne Boysia Ne Prosi

via Loving this song and the lyrics. Say what you want about TATU but their music is catchy and quite good once you get past all the trivial stuff.

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Gorgeous intricate porcelain and ceramic statues by Russian artists Ana Strasenko and Slava Leontyev

via One of the most awesome things of course, is the behind the scenes of how they made these. Nothing more I love than taking a peek at how something like this came to be. You do not have to understand Russian to see what was done. Ch…

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