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The Mesmerizing Photography of Katarina Stefanovic captures REAL paradise!

Apparently they found heaven and its in the Alps. My heaven at least. Most of these photos are taken around that spot of the world. See for yourselves: Besides New Zealand and Iceland, this is on my bucket list. Off to the Alps! All photos by Kata…

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AWESOME PHOTOS: Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water by Carli Davidson

via These are SO COOL! We know how funny the faces that our dogs make are but seeing them captured at high shutter speeds with an artistic touch is magical! These are soo goofy that you can’t help but smile as you’re looking at them….

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Beautiful Photography of @Chaulafanita Julia Dávila – colorful, warm, inviting!

I’ve been following and admiring her work for years on flickr, and finally decided to share when I saw this amazing dog photo glowing with golden colors of autumn. I am also amazed by her self-portraiture as this is something I am now getting into…

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Mesmerizing and Inspiring Dog Photos of Elliott Erwitt

via As an impending dog owner and photographer, I was really taken away by the stellar dog shots. Now, I am not lessening anything else the gifted Mr. Erwitt has ever shot, and there are plenty of things to brag about. Howev…

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Mesmerizing photography of Karrah Kobus – dreamy, feminine, strong and unique!

via Mesmerizing. I found her photos on flickr hours ago and have not been able to look away since. Here is an album of her commissions: You can find her on flickr and faceb…

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Mundane to Magic: Re-Creating Profile Photos is a mirror of society, by Wolfram Hahn

via This is a really awesome project. Everyone knows we tend to take our own facebook photos. I think partly why this fascinated me is because I am currently in the middle of a year-long creative project where I take a new facebook profi…

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Amazing Images by Polish photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty presented by Syrup

via This is so up my alley. I love that Tomaz tell STORIES with his photos. His images are dynamic intriguing and so rich and so they needed a way to be properly represented so that they can be shown in their best…ahem…light! Syru…

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Awesome wedding photography of classmate Celeo Ramos!

via When you take someone who is already creative and a great designer and then put a camera in their hands, magic happens! After almost a year in Pratt I found out that my friend and classmate Celeo Ramos also is an accomplished ph…

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The pick-me-up I needed – "Spring Brings Color" a photo by Bunny Jenny on Flickr

via After the day I had yesterday running around a disgusting wet and windy NYC and losing my wonderful Driod phone, I could REALLY use a pick-me-up. Enter bunnyjenny! I mean you have a stunning photo, spring AND a bunny. I mean really,…

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You’re Young So Shut Up And Enjoy Life – Photos & Words Of Advice from Anastasia Volkova

via Amazing shot with great advice. I have admired Anastasia’s work on flickr for years. She also has this blog where she posted amazing winter shots of my native Russia that fills me with beauty and longing. Especi…

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