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CRAZY COOL: Wine Label You Can Draw On via The Dieline

How amazing is this product design? Its a classic wine bottle with an amazing simple and elegant design and allow the thing that would ruin the design actually make the design. A gorgeous interactive bottle idea! If it tastes as good as it looks, …

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Clever Designs from Catherine Werdel make you say WHY DOES THIS NOT EXIST YET?

via You gotta love how clever and simple this is. I think that is really the best way to do design. Solve a problem in the simplest way possible. Sure, I care about how things look but just like with people, the smarter and more interes…

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Greece Is for Lovers = Cooky Creative Cool Products – Greece Sandal Skateboard

via Been wanting to post this forever. Came across this who knows where but this is the original site with awesome Greece inspired products. This one totally stood out for all the right reasons. Here is another piece of aweso…

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Week 49: Think ABOUT the Box

Sure, we all heard the phrase think OUTSIDE the box. So much so it has become banal, but when one is in grad school for design one thinks ABOUT the box. But it’s so much more than that. This week, I share my first modular project and my very first…

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WANT – Alphabet Bookcase – Product Design and Innovation on

via This is awesome. It would look great it my house too. That is, if I didn’t live in a studio and if it didn’t cost as much as a car… Anywho, I’m gonna get better at this tagging stuff. This is going under “stuff I want” or simply WA…

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Udderly Terrific – Cute & Silly Product Design. Yep, would buy it…

via Spotted this on flickr and was obsessed with how silly but well designed this is! Then I found it on BoingBoing which had a great product photo. The original flickr shot by juletty:…

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Yumaki – world’s most AWESOME toothbrushes WANT!

Yumaki is a professional dental care brand that offers high-quality oral hygiene products that comes as new models & collections every season. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. –> via I love these so …

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