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Finally Published: Graphic Design – One Off Projects on the Behance Network @lanamaniac

via Took too long to post these but here they are! Its a collection of work done for SVA continuing education, Pratt MS Comm D and personal projects. More projects on my Behance here:…

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Angry Birds Seek Counseling – Superb Graphic Design by Glenn Jones on Behance

I absolutely adore the clever, clean, interesting and well executed work like this. Case and point, Angry Birds! And Spider Man’s underwear: Much more awesomeness where that came from here.

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In Honor Of National Coffee Break Day – Show Me Your Mug Aka MUG SHOTS Project

In honor of national Coffee Break Day, I am bringing back last year’s portfolio side-project called MUG SHOTS! via I’ve showed you mine, now show me yours! Post your mug shot on flickr or twitter and tag it #showmeyourmug ABOUT: Show Me…

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Strangers In NYC – A Photo Essay

Taking photos in NYC, I have noticed a common theme in my shots of strangers and how they are presented. I didn’t realize that this would become my forte, but I like where this is going. I blend in, unnoticed, observing and clicking away. I imagin…

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The REAL NYC Subway Rules

Subway Rules is a fun and simple interactive Flash piece that came out of Subway Stories. 25 rules of Do’s Don’ts and observations on the subway over the years. Some are linked to relevant photos and stories to give an in depth view or a visual re…

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Geek Signs – Part 1

Working on a new project called Geek Signs. This is the first. Enjoy! _____________ Adobe photoshop CS3. Helvetica font. Free vector stop background.

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NYC Subway Stories

SUBWAY STORIES arose from my NYC Subway Interactions project: When I started gathering observations and Do’s and Don’t I saw that something more interesting was emerging. Stories! Subway stories…

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