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Stunning Illustrations and New Yorker Covers by Mark Ulriksen

This one has got to be one of my faves but he did so many amazing New Yorker covers (which this was one as well) that its hard to choose a fave. If however, we stick to the animal theme this would be my top pick: via Check out the…

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Stunning New Yorker Cover by Chris Ware Inspires

via Stumbled on this by accident when trying to google the cover of Black Ink. This 2006 New Yorker cover was done by the awesome Chris Ware. See all his contributions for the New Yorker here:…

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Submit a Pictory to "Portrait of a Place: New York" – Pictory

via Portrait of a Place: New York Alive. Competitive. Fabulous. Diverse. Or is it? Describe New York City and its true personality with your best photo and caption. I love this site. Great photos. Great stories. Great idea. I just e…

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Finger Painting: Subway Exit : The New Yorker

via via via Absolutely in love with these. Creativity knows no bounds. Even on the subway!

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