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The Mesmerizing Photography of Katarina Stefanovic captures REAL paradise!

Apparently they found heaven and its in the Alps. My heaven at least. Most of these photos are taken around that spot of the world. See for yourselves: Besides New Zealand and Iceland, this is on my bucket list. Off to the Alps! All photos by Kata…

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The unbelievable illustration work of Katerina Eremeeva -Taunting, Haunting, Amazing

via How absolutely divine are these? My goodness! Juxstapoz put it best: Beautifully gory with intense subject matter, her work combines the unusual and realistic in a perfect marriage of surrealism. See the rest of her stuff on flickr:

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What summer SHOULD feel like! Pefrectly captured by Gail Fletcher on Flickr.

via Saw this image and it just screamed summer to me. No, not the nasty gross and overbearing summer that New York has been having. But the gorgeous sun-kissed, water breeze carefree summer of my youth. Speaking of youth, this talented …

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The Juxtaposition of New York City – Yellow Daffodils on 34th by Violet Kashi on Flickr

via What a perfect shot to sum up spring in NYC. And as a bonus, this photographer is amazing at shooting just about anything but here is a slideshow of her 2011 NYC set which is ridiculous great:

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Chernobyl 25 Years Later – A fascinating gallery collection from Flickr users

via Its been 25 years. Wow! I remember when I was very little and this happened but too young to understand what really went down. Glad to see American media giving this some attention, especially after what has been happening in Japan….

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Lent a Hand: The Meatiest of the Meatless from Mama Chef and friend – Inga

via Inga is an amazing chef and its good to have a chef friend! This is the time that a lot of people observe Lent or Passover (same thing, different outfit) so eating becomes a bit boring. I personally observe the NO …

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Gorgeosus artwork of Eddie Gomez is colorful and fun!

via Accidentally stumbled on this on flickr and was so impressed. Love his style and the awesome images he creates. The subjects seem fascinated too and are all presented in some original way like my fave above or these:

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Beautiful Art & Fashion Paintings by Veronica Ballart Lilja on Etsy & Flickr

via How can I NOT share a nesting doll piece of art? Especially when its this gorgeous and amazing. But that is not the best part, is her fashion artwork!

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Bubblefriends coffee illustration creations by Sascha Preuss

via Only thing I love more than coffee is great coffee art. And this happens to be hella cute as well. Yes, I have just used that term. My favorite is the espresso one. Here is a set of the best ones from his blog if you can’t see the f…

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From My Flickr – Beauty Is In the Eye Of the Beholder

via Camera: Nikon D90 Exposure: 0.067 sec (1/15) Aperture: f/4.0 Focal Length: 18 mm ISO Speed: 500

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