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AWESOME PHOTOS: Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water by Carli Davidson

via These are SO COOL! We know how funny the faces that our dogs make are but seeing them captured at high shutter speeds with an artistic touch is magical! These are soo goofy that you can’t help but smile as you’re looking at them….

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From My Flickr: May I Always Be the Kind of Person My Dog Thinks I Am

via Introducing my precious new doggy Monty! He’s a rescue from Golden S Rescue: View on black Camera: Nikon D90 Exposure: 1/8 Aperture: f/5.3 Focal Length: 66 mm ISO Speed : 800

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Mesmerizing and Inspiring Dog Photos of Elliott Erwitt

via As an impending dog owner and photographer, I was really taken away by the stellar dog shots. Now, I am not lessening anything else the gifted Mr. Erwitt has ever shot, and there are plenty of things to brag about. Howev…

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Amazing dog photography of Oliver Seidel the way animal photos should be – natural!

via This is just one of the images and there are so many more breathtaking shots here: I LOVE these dog photos. They aren’t silly dressed up studio shots that are completely unrealistic! These are stunning …

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