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CREEPYCOOL: Realistic Steve Jobs Action Figure is super detailed and iconic

via Via SwagFresh: This isn’t just any action figure though, this is quite possibly one of the most realistic action figures we have ever seen. At first glance, the figurine almost looks like a photograph of Steve Jobs, sporting hi…

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CREEPY COOL: Toys by Santani – a Moscow based AWESOME toy maker

via Inspire First: Thеsе cutе critters wеrе created bу thе Moscow based doll mаkеr known аs Santani. Santani usеs clay, faux fur аnd intricate hаnd painting tо create sоmе truly unique аnd аdоrable lооking crеаtures. Some of my fa…

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CREEPYCOOL – From Enchantment to Down – the morbid Disney princess photos by Thomas Czarnecki

via From Enchantment to Down – a super creepy photo series of dead Disney starlets by Thomas Czarnecki. These are so so so creepy and well…ahem…executed that I just had to share. Here are 2 more faves: There is a whole series that I …

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WANT: Dog Monkey Hats – cute, weird, creepy, funny!

via This is actually super adorable and this seller makes human stuff too which I would wear in a heartbeat: I dont think I would ever get this for my dog unless its Halloween or if i…

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CREEEPYCOOL: Benga – "Baltimore Clap" animated video – Parental discretion advised!

Parental discretion advised! This is totally CreepyCool and so so so weird. I feel like its a metaphor for something bigger…

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Collie Bobby Pins Are Somehow Creepycool on Smitten Kitten

via I don’t know why but for some reason these creep me out a bit. Which is weird because I LOVE collies, I HAD a collie and this is almost kind of cute. But maybe its having a detached dog head in your hair? I dunno… Might be a…

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Stocking Stuffer Blood – CreepyCool

via Tis the season for…WTF??? Haven’t filed anything under creepycool in a while. This is definitely under it…

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