Good Thing for Good People – A Prospect Park Incident

(story on this photo below)

Last week on Memorial Day I had the fun misfortune of wiping out while going down a steep hill on my roller blades in Prospect Park. As I never fall (on roller-blades) this was both shocking and embarrassing. Ripping my shorts and skin on my right arm to shreds, I limped away (and hurt the tailbone too) shocked but relatively unharmed. Knowing that it could be worse is in a weird (and morbid) way keeping me feeling better.

But alas, this post is really about the good people of Brooklyn. As I also fell with a fellow (and inexperienced) rollerblading friend, it was quite a crash scene. Many stopped and offered help. One nice couple with a child even offered to spray water on us removing the pavement embedded in the scars (try not to have a mental image here) offering napkins and bad-aids as well as some good humored advice of stories to take home (I saved a dog/baby) variety. Their generosity, good spirits and positive attitude as well as their actions was surprising, touching and definitely above and beyond. So thank you strangers, whomever you are! And now, I return to healing…


Do note, this reminded me of Good Inc’s Daily Good project. Of course, everything reminds me of design! Basically, what is your good thing a day? It can be via design or advice (when asked for) or anything in the world. Believe me, to someone out there it will make a big difference. Meanwhile, check out that Daily Good thing for some inspiration:


PS: The logical analytical side of me wants a reason for this, an explanation. There were MANY signs that morning that I should not have gone. I ignored them all, but it did happen and I want to know why! So what was this reason? Time will tell. But I tell you, the whole thing reminds me of the Connecticut incident a year ago that I blogged for my 52 Weeks project. I called the post EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON

The above photo was taken for my new project which is a facebook profile photo a month, based on however I am feeling, what I might be doing that month and etc. I take a new photo every month and try to make sure its different and reflects the state I am in at the time. The state I am in now is full of scars! So I thought, if one is all dented up, why not dress it up and make it classy. I always thought people with more scars had more stories to tell and I am proud of every single scar and story.,,


Digital nerd. Photo taker. Pinterest addict. Coffee chugger. Dog owner. Mirror wireframer. Glasses wearer. Life observer. Grad student. New Yorker.

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