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Spring Break Blogging PART 1 – AWESOMENESS Of Portland: The Ringler’s Annex Bar

Pardon the quality, but a missing droid means using the cameraphone on a 3 year old samsung. It feels so…archaic! I am back from my trip and ready to start blogging all the cool experiences and photos I took along the way. So here is all stuff a…

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Collie Bobby Pins Are Somehow Creepycool on Smitten Kitten

via I don’t know why but for some reason these creep me out a bit. Which is weird because I LOVE collies, I HAD a collie and this is almost kind of cute. But maybe its having a detached dog head in your hair? I dunno… Might be a…

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The Vladimir Nabokov Collection: Book Covers Re-done in Specimen Boxes on Design Observer

via About the project on Design Observer by John Gall: Every so often, a dream project lands on your desk. Here’s one: redesign Vladimir Nabokov’s book covers. Nabokov was a passionate butterfly collector, a theme th…

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Funemployed: The funny part of having no job by the AWESOME Irina Blok

via I sure love the word awesome. But I don’t give it away that freely unless I really really REALLY believe it. And what makes this awesome is that this is all things I love which is clever, simple and funny. And when one is current…

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Diversity as Form: The Yale Architecture Posters: Amazing Type & Design By Michael Bierut

via After seeing Michael Bierut speak at Pratt this week I was SO inspired! He showed quite a bit of his work and some of what really stood out is the Yale School Of Architecture posters. There is whole slideshow if …

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WANT: Adorable Buckle Diamond Rings by Kwiat Vintage Collection

via Stumbled on this company while looking at some stuff they did for and WOW. While a lot of things in their vintage collection are not my style, these rings are DIVINE! They are interesting, have just the right amount …

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Architects’ Series Eyewear by JINS Are Some of the Most Gorgeous Creative Glasses EVER

via These are so so so cool! I do not know Japanese but the JINS sight looks awesome and has even more inspirational designs as though the ones above aren’t awesome enough. I would totally totally totally rock the hand-painted l…

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