Week 50 – The Story Of Us

With Valentine’s day shortly passing, I got to thinking about love. Aaah love, how inspirational it can be. Or it can come out of really strangest places…like homework.

That’s right. Homework. This project I bring to you via an assignment I had last semester for class. It is, I suppose a bit of a recycled project but I did make changes to it on the 14th and I was going to post it anyway back then. And so, FINALLY, here you have it:

The result of what happens when you combine 2 opposites into one. Art and medicine. Doctors and designers. Medics and photographers. Nurses and…you get the idea. The original assignment was to come up with a visual solution that encompasses Arnheim’s principles of Shape & Form and so I thought about a project that could evolve over a few weeks. I decided on wedding invitations/save the dates. I struggled with this! I over-researched, over-thought and over-analyzed. I had this image in my head of the serpents (Caduceus) and the paintbrush from waaay back before school and now, I wanted it so badly to fit. I wanted it to be something that encompasses us, defines us, represents us and does so within the parameters of the assignment.

Here is a clue kids, if something is too difficult and too forced, it probably isn’t right to begin with. As with everything in life, there are consequences for forcing something out of it’s comfort or original form. Sometimes it pays off, but the risks are heavy. Now I am getting carried away, but here is what I am talking about:

The idea, I think, is still interesting but as a design aspect it didn’t work. I hated it and I couldn’t get it to completion even though I was so excited about the original idea. And so during the last class we had a chance to revisit the assignment with fresh eyes. At first I was afraid, I was petrified, didn’t think I could design without you by my side…Aaanyway, I stepped back, scrapped and started again. And now the assignment I struggled with most came easy, quick and it was RIGHT. It was the simple, stripped representation of us. The tall and the short. The red glasses and the black, the red shoes and the black, the medical and the photography. It was us and we didn’t even have to be there besides our professions, glasses and shoes. I LOVE this piece and I sure do love him.

Speaking of design, more often I am finding well designed cards (and super funny ones) like this one I got for his birthday a few weeks ago. Our arriving in NYC was part luck and part perseverance and so, I found this amazing card that envelopes (pun intended) our experiences with a simple effective words and design:


So there you have it. Go fourth and simplify, with everything. And oh yeah, Happy whatever. Happy anything day!

Part of 52 weeks creative project. Do something creative and interes
ting every week for 52 weeks a year!

Digital nerd. Photo taker. Pinterest addict. Coffee chugger. Dog owner. Mirror wireframer. Glasses wearer. Life observer. Grad student. New Yorker.

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