WANT: Hand Painted Valentino pumps by Studiojellyfish On Etsy = Slobber On the Screen


This is fucking ridiculous. Valentino? Red? Artwork? Be still my heart! Though the last thing I need to do is break my face (again) and so I would take this absolutely stunning pair instead by Cole Haan:


Though I gotta tell ya, they are already taking stunning designer shoes and adding to them and selling at a premium which hand painting is of course, worth. However, designer shoes stand on their own and stand the test of time and so I would have loved to see these on lesser known more affordable brands so that you take a boring product and spice it up. On the other hand, if you painted something this gorgeous you would want it to last…Well thats the dilemma. Either way, the shoes are gorgeous and so is the artwork! Check out the whole shop on esty as its divine and has stuff like this:



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