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iRing & Other Fan-Made Apple Product Concepts We Wish Were Real via Mashable

via These are amazing! Not only are the concepts great but they are so well thought through and presented. Love the folding touch screen idea as well as the sliding iPod. Check em all out:…

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Stunning Illustrations and New Yorker Covers by Mark Ulriksen

This one has got to be one of my faves but he did so many amazing New Yorker covers (which this was one as well) that its hard to choose a fave. If however, we stick to the animal theme this would be my top pick: via Check out the…

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Drobservation: the monster in my closet IS the closet!

Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

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“Feeling Blue” Creative Desserts from Amy Atlas

via Came across this blog while searching some wedding stuff and was blown away how well and gorgeous everything was done. Amy Atlas is in events, specializing in sweets and you can see why. I always had an idea to five away cupc…

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Bubblefriends coffee illustration creations by Sascha Preuss

via Only thing I love more than coffee is great coffee art. And this happens to be hella cute as well. Yes, I have just used that term. My favorite is the espresso one. Here is a set of the best ones from his blog if you can’t see the f…

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Infographic of the Day: Food Labels That Might Make Us Eat Healthier | Co.Design

via Really loving this design. Not sure if something like this would ever take off, but it’s definitely worth a try! These are gorgeous simple but hypothetical designs by Audree Lapierre. There are more images and information wort…

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Artwork made WITH coffee featuring coffee and its stunning – by Karen Eland

via This is so good its kind of ridiculous. I love that Karen’s take on famous artwork with the coffee changes. Not only are they painted with coffee, they feature coffee! This is so great for all the caffeine fiends out there. If y…

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