Week 34 – If You’re Happy and You Know It Crack An Egg


Did I have inspiration this week? Plenty!
Did I have a zillion ideas I wanted to execute? Totally!
Did I still chicken out to present a smiley omelet? Indubitably!

But that is not to say that I do not get creative with my omelets! 
Here is a version of His and Hers Omelets much in the style of His and Hers Lattes done for Week 24 with calling out some of my favorite brands or unique choices that I personally prefer to use. 

-3 eggs (yolks removed from 2)
-Aidells Smoked Chicken Sausage, Chicken & Apple flavored (although I eat chicken, most sausages come in a pork casing, so its a no-no for me, but thanks to it I got the smiley)
-Kraft American Cheddar Cheese slices (added later since I didn’t want to cover the smiley and no omelet flipping!)
-1/2 cup Skinny Cow milk
-Generous amounts paprika
-Dash of salt & Pepper
-Cooks in extra virgin olive oil (amount on preference)

 -All whites eggs (2-3)
-Organic soy cheese by Galaxy Foods (2 slices)
-Salt & pepper
-Generous amounts paprika
-1/2 cup rice or almond milk (no longer drink soy)

Though honestly, I really prefer hard-boiled with a dash of pepper. And how can I not when I have this nifty egg holder from Holland?

Both versions go amazing with Thomas‘ toasted english muffins with a bit of Smart Balance butter. 

Going through the archives just now, this is clearly not the first time I played with my food. Look what I did with some poor left over salad and some thousand island (or Russian) dressing:
If you think thats bad (or gross) thats ok, at least I didn’t torture it.

PS: I actually did do a bunch of creative stuff this week like shoot still life, make a visual project for a class, some typographic layouts, but having done so much photography and not yet finished my visual project or the typographic one, you get an egg face this week. Hey, they can’t all be winners. Besides, last week was pretty darn awesome.

PPS: Did I look for any reason to use the word Indubitably? Indubitably!


Part of 52 weeks creative project. Do something creative and interesting every week for 52 weeks a year!


Digital nerd. Photo taker. Pinterest addict. Coffee chugger. Dog owner. Mirror wireframer. Glasses wearer. Life observer. Grad student. New Yorker.

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One comment on “Week 34 – If You’re Happy and You Know It Crack An Egg
  1. Svetlana Serbinenko says:

    you have some awesome pics! Awesome Job! Love this! hihi, im just starting out 🙂

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