Week 24 – His & Hers Iced Lattes & Frappes @ Lanabucks

This week, I decided to tell Starbucks to Suck It (Kathy Griffin style) and made my own frappes and iced coffees. For someone who’s broke, Starbucks is really not an option. Especially in the summer where it takes more effort to make your own iced coffee but you still REALLY need to cool down anyway…


The cost of a frappe is roughly $4.

There are about 3 really hot months with about 30 days a month. So 90 days total.

90  x $4 = $360

WHOA! That costs as much as a round trip plane ticket from NYC to California!


The culprit:

You know what this means? Time to make the coffee!
Where I got the instructions (used Method 2)


First, I wanted to make frappes only, but ended up making an iced coffee (not on purpose) and a frappe. And second, I had to make a different one for the hubby as we have different tastes. He drinks regular milk and likes his a bit sweeter:



HIS – Iced Latte:
-1/2 cup hot water for 2 tea spoons coffee
-1/2 cup Skinny Cow milk
-2 tea spoon brown sugar
-1/2 container filled with ice
-2 tb spoon international delight coffee creamer
Blend all about one min. Stick into a glass or leave in container, stick in straw, sit back and enjoy!
Why International Delight? – cus no partially hydrogenated oil unlike Coffee Mate.
Why did it turn out to be iced coffee and not a frappe?
-too much water when originally brewed
-too little ice
-too much milk
But it tasted great!
I prefer soy or almond milk (with flavor) and not as sweet (calorie not taste reasons) so here are my ingredients that are different than his:
HERS – frappe:
-1/3 cup hot water for 2 tea spoons coffee
-1 tea spoon brown sugar
-heaping container ice (fill magic bullet fully)
-3rd of a cup chocolate soy milk
Blend all for about 1.5 min. Remember less liquid and more ice! Also, it is recommended that you do 2 blends, one with the coffee, sugar and ice. Then second, after adding the Silk Soy Milk and some more ice. I even had some left over, so I stuck it in the fridge and saved it for the next day.


The results? Tasted great AND was gorgeous.

All the ingredients used, where to find them and their prices:
Nescafe Taster’s Choice Original Gourmet Instant Coffee 
International Delight: Coffee House Inspirations Caramel Macchiato Coffee Creamer
16 oz ~ $3.00
Magic Bullet Express 17-Piece High-Speed Blender Mixing System
Farmland Dairies Skim Plus Fat Free Milk
1/2 gallon ~ $5.50
Domino: Brownulated Sugar
14 oz ~ $1.50
All at about $75. And mind you, the Magic Bullet is reusable for years!
Much less money eh? Even though you gotta keep buying some ingredients, this is the project that keeps on giving…and saving. Just how much? You do the math, I just do the blending…
; )

Part of 52 weeks creative project. Do something creative and
interesting every week for 52 weeks a year!

Digital nerd. Photo taker. Pinterest addict. Coffee chugger. Dog owner. Mirror wireframer. Glasses wearer. Life observer. Grad student. New Yorker.

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