Vote for my poster design Made Fresh. Help out a designer :)


I am a finalist in the Barilla design competition but I need your votes to win! If I win I get a trip to Italy but voters can win prizes or $1k!

Link to vote on facebook (desktop version)

Here you can vote once a day til Nov 12 and I need your daily vote!

Link to vote on mobile:

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I’ve got the key! A Google Glass video filmed in Russia.

The video link on Google +

I've got the key! A Google Glass video filmed in Russia.

Filmed with google glass and completely unstaged. I had no idea the locks would be there as they weren’t 6 years ago. But neither was the tattoo 🙂

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Interactive coffee machine in Russia



Pretty awesome stuff. It’s simple you choose what kind of coffee, add more stuff at a cost like sugar, chocolate and etc and you get a little coffee cup. Simple cheap and easy and the coffee was pretty good.

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In Honor of UX Awards Today: SketchSynth – converting UX drawings into wires


This Gizmo Lets You Draw A UI On Paper, Then Turns It Into A Touch Screen

More about the device here:

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Instapix: A Sign


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THESIS INSPIRATION: Best Friends: Designer Maps His Facebook Network In 3D Infographic



Via FasCo:

Colin Pinegar untangled his virtual and real relationships with an infographic, and ended up confronting some real-world messiness.

Pinegar emphasized the importance of the physical aspects of friendship—actually being around one another. The decision to make what amounts to a physical infographic is a reflection of that importance. “Like friendship it took a lot of time, planning, and effort, but I think it was far more impactful than looking at a poster would have been.”


The rest rest of the article here:…

And Colin’s portfolio site here:


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READING: A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness


Really fascinating stuff so far! One of my favorite quotes:

Great crisis leaders are not like the rest of us; nor are they like mentally
healthy leaders. They’re often intelligent, prone to poor physical
health, the products of privileged backgrounds, raised by parents in
confl ict, frequently nonreligious, and ambitious.…


See the pdf excerept as well. Enjoy!

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From My Flickr: Happy Memorial Day via NYC

As The Freedom Tower Rises!

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GARBAGE LIVE @ Webster Hall – videos & photos

Their show was AWESOME! So glad I splurged and got them on StubHub. For one of my favorite bands. Check out the photos and such. Fun stuff!

Cherry Lips:

Only Happy When It Rains:

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AWESOME: Notes, Photos and Video from NYU’s ITP Spring Show

I know this is a little late but it does not make it any less awesome!


There were so many cool projects! My faves were using data gathering, making music, drawing and playing with digital fossils in the sand and of course, twitter plinko. So much cool stuff!


See for yourself and do attend the next one:

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